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Ambang Dorongan Sendirian Berhad (ADSB) manufactures traditional Malaysian cakes using proven recipes which has been passed down over generations so as to ensure the authencity in the taste of these cakes.

These cakes are then deep freezed using the latest techniques so as to ensure that the taste and freshness of the cakes are maintain eventhough they are they are being kept refrigerated over an extended period.

These cakes are also being packed in attractive and durable packages that are clean and hygenic as well as being able to be kept frozen over an extended period.

Through these processes our customers can then enjoy authentic traditional Malaysian cakes at the comfort of their home at any time.

Currently 8 types of traditional frozen cakes are being distributed by ADSB while the rest are being contract out to small home based manufacturer. Ambang Dorongan frozen food products are being marketed under the brand name “NANI’s”.