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  What we do  

nani's® manufactures and supplies traditional Malaysian pastries and confections (frozen kueh) using proven recipes which has been passed down over generations so as to ensure the authencity in the taste of its products.

All our products are blast-freezed to -30C to keep the freshness of the pastries and hence prolong its shelf life to up to 18 months in -18C freezer storage.

Supported by over 1million ringgit of investment in machineries, infrastructure and great talents, we have now developed our manufacturing capacity to over 400,000 pieces a month.

Products under our own brand -- nani’s® has been into major local retail outlets and hypermarkets nationwide since 2005 and we began to export since 2006.

With the leverage in capacity, we now expand our services to contract manufacturing and OEM for other brands while maintaining our core expertise in manufacturing frozen pre-packed foods. To date, we have expanded our operation to include a Mochi production line of which we had a collaboration with a Japanese company based in Hokkaido, Japan.



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